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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding says democracy does not apply to the rearing of children. He said, “As committed as I am to democracy, there is no democracy in bringing up children. There are rules that have to be laid down; there is a certain standard of behaviour that must be demanded and when it is not forthcoming, it must be sanctioned.”
Mr. Golding was addressing guests at the Prime Minister’s Education Awards ceremony at Jamaica House on Wednesday May 20, where forty outstanding educators were honoured. His statement drew loud applause from the gathering.
The Prime Minister briefed the educators on his Government’s commitment to transforming education through various programmes, including one that will include inspectors of schools. Noting that a school might not have the same values as its communities the Prime Minister said, “When those kids go to school, they have to be subjected to a different kind of discipline than the one that exists outside.”
Mr. Golding said the environment in schools should not necessarily reflect that of the community of which it is a part. He told the educators, “By contrasting in that way, the school will impact on the community in terms of the changes needed in the culture and the values that prevail.”
In a message delivered by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Audrey Sewell, Minster of Education, Hon. Andrew Holness underlined the Government’s commitment, and said that his Ministry is committed to finding ways to use the wisdom and best practices gained through the experience of the educators. The aim was to inspire and improve the performance of those working within the system.”

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