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The National Land Agency (NLA) has improved its operations with a view to assisting the public to more easily access information on land titles, land valuation and government-owned land, Garfield Knight, Director of Business Development and Technology at the NLA has said.
Mr. Knight is of the view that the continued use of outdated practices and the unavailability of easy-to-use information had in the past, led to land disputes.”We believe that if the information is more easily available, then when you are doing a development, you are going to plan it properly, and therefore there will be little or no problems to be resolved related to that development in later years,” he said.
Speaking with JIS News recently, Mr. Knight informed that the NLA had been working to improve its customer service mechanism, by allowing the public easier access to information about its services and products; ensuring a more timely response to requests for answers to queries; and by being more responsive to general land-related queries.
These objectives are being facilitated by a user-friendly website and a dedicated customer service team.
“The customer service team actually interfaces with the various areas of the agency, as land-related issues normally involve a number of different technical areas,” he informed, noting that this spared the customer the hassle of running around to the various departments of the agency.
Also, customers from any part of the island can get information or answers to queries through the website. “By sending us a request, we would be able to make the determination of where the customer needs to go to get answers and facilitate that internal movement of information and so provide one consistent and consolidated response to the customer,” Mr. Knight told JIS News.
Customers can be assured of a timely response to such queries, and the NLA is committed to acknowledging receipt of electronic correspondence within two working days, in the event that a response to the query is not readily available, Mr. Knight declared.

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