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The 21st annual conference of the Jamaica Computer Society, held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in St. James recently, was successful in its objective of bringing together information technology practitioners from the region as well as from the United States and Canada, for the sharing of experiences and exchange of ideas.
Held under the theme ‘Utilization of Traditional and Open Source Technologies for Business Solutions’, the conference saw some 21 presentations, eight tutorials and an exhibition of world-class information technology products.
Conference Chairman, Hugh Campbell, told JIS News that from the feedback from participants and enthusiasm expressed at the close of the conference, the occasion was “undoubtedly a resounding success”.
“In our minds at the Jamaica Computer Society, the conference was a very successful venture in that the participation was very good . in terms of the members that were there. It was truly a high-level occasion with the presentations turning out quite well,” he stated.
Mr. Campbell noted that the three-day seminar gave participants a better perspective of the solutions that were available in both traditional and open source technology.
He pointed out further, that information and communication technology was one of the leading sectors in job creation in addition to its traditional role of increasing efficiency in an organization.
“No matter what you are producing or selling, if you are not efficient, you will not be able to operate because everybody is aware of what is happening in the other parts of the world and is able to compare with entities across the world,”Mr. Campbell stated.
At an awards ceremony held at the close of the conference, the Industry Lifetime Achievement Award for 2004 went to IT practitioner for over 30 years, E. Dennis Scott, who died just before the start of the conference.

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