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The new National Identification System (NIDS) Regulations are being finalised for public discussion, says Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Floyd Green.

“We would love to have our regulations published [for] public feedback sometime next week [August 15-19], and we hope to be able to conclude that process by the end of August,” he said.

The Minister advised that the regulations will be tabled after the House of Representatives resumes sittings in September.

He provided the details while touring the first enrolment centre for the NIDS pilot programme at the Central Sorting Office on South Camp Road in Kingston on Thursday (August 11).

Mr. Green said a series of test runs will be conducted at the facility, development of which is slated for completion in two weeks.

“We [want] our timelines [to be accurate]. We want to ensure that when we tell people it will take them [a certain] time to come in, go through the process and collect the [NIDS] card, we are able to deliver,” he said.

Minister Green also advised that Cabinet has approved the structure of the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA).

“Now we’re looking to populate a board. We’ve already gone through a very significant vetting process and have hired a number of people, including our card production manager; so, we’re almost ready to go,” he said.

NIDS is intended to provide a comprehensive and secure structure to enable the collection and storage of identity information.

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