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The National Housing Trust (NHT) will be spending $29 billion over the next three years to finance more than 12,000 housing starts.
Of the total, fewer than 11,000 will be developed by the NHT, while about 1,500 will be financed under the Trust’s Interim Finance Programme, whereby developers can borrow from the organisation to build affordable housing.
At a press briefing on Wednesday (Sept. 9) at the NHT’s head office in Kingston, Board Chairman, Howard Mitchell, informed that during this financial year, $5.5 billion will be spent to fund more than 4,000 housing starts in 28 developments across the island.
He informed that work should begin on nine of these developments between now and December.
The projects are located in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine; Longville, Clarendon, Perth, Manchester; Providence Phase II, St. James; Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine; Bushy Park, Clarendon; Frome, Westmoreland; Stokes Hall Sugar Housing Project, St. Thomas; and the Hampden Sugar Housing Project, Trelawny.
Mr. Mitchell assured that the NHT remains committed to providing housing for Jamaicans adding that the Trust continues to be the leading developer in the island.
“Of the approximately 4,000 total housing starts in Jamaica in 2008, the NHT accounted for just under 2,400 or approximately 60 per cent of them. In other words, six out of every 10 housing starts in Jamaica last year were done by the National Housing Trust,” he shared.
The NHT Chairman said the Trust also accounted for more than half of the just over 5,000 new housing solutions completed last year.

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