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With construction of the new cruise ship pier in Falmouth Trelawny set to begin in a matter of days, His Worship the Mayor of Falmouth, Collin Gager will respond to citizens’ questions and concerns about the project, at a community meeting on Thursday, September 24.
The meeting is slated for the town hall in the Trelawny capital beginning at 5:00 p.m.
Mayor Gager told JIS News yesterday (Sept. 10) that the meeting will be held as part of a series of Mayor’s Fora, which started earlier this year and have been taken all over the parish.
“We are taking one (meeting) back to Falmouth because we think that Falmouth really needs it at this time when this big cruise ship project is going on, and there are lots of questions and answers that should be given and asked,” Mayor Gager said.
“We are expecting that it will be a very good meeting and in fact, the residents have been asking for it,” he stated, noting that members of a Diaspora group from Washington in the United States of America (USA), who will be (in) the parish at the time, are expected to attend.
According to Mayor Gager, the project should provide a significant boost to the economy of the parish.
“Imagine 10,000 people rolling off a ship; imagine the amount of business that can be had. The restaurant owners, those who are selling jewellery, the barbers, the hairdressers, people who just want to braid hair, there will be a lot of opportunities opening up here in Falmouth,” he pointed out.
He also mentioned that farmers, transport operators, manufacturers and small shopkeepers will benefit from the expected increase in business, adding that a number of jobs will be created.
He said that the time is opportune for residents to seek training and get certified to take advantage of potential job opportunities.
Noting that the increased economic activity will attract people to the parish, Mayor Gager said that the relevant authorities will be on the lookout for any incidence of squatting.

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