• JIS News

    During the 2007/2008 fiscal year, the National Housing Trust (NHT), exceeded its targets in all its key performance areas.
    These included: contribution collections; mortgage collections; housing completions; housing starts; and new mortgages.
    As outlined in the NHT’s Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2007/08, $11. 6 billion was collected in contribution collections, four per cent in excess of the $11.2 billion target.
    Additionally, a total of $7.1 billion was collected in mortgage repayments, four per cent above the set target.
    The report further states that 2,786 new housing solutions were completed, 255 above the target, while 2,662 housing solutions were started, 20 per cent above the target.
    In relation to mortgages, 6,947 new accounts were created, a five per cent increase of the target of 6,634 new mortgages.
    “All this was achieved within the operating budget, spending $3.891 billion of the budgeted $3.898 billion,” the document notes.
    It adds that the Trust remains committed to making home ownership more affordable to its contributors.