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The Manchester Parish Council has commenced court proceedings to have some 27 illegally erected cellular sites in the parish removed.
Reacting to concerns expressed by residents at a recent town meeting held at the Bellfield High School, Secretary Manager at the Council, Winston Palmer, said the legal process will take some time, but the law will have to take its course.
“We have consulted with our lawyers and we will go before the Supreme Court, to have this matter adjudicated. There are stipulations that must be followed when erecting a site of this nature, the company in question has not sought or received permission to put up any of those sites, and we must protect the citizens. Many of them (the sites) are close to where people live and this is contrary to the rules of the Council,” Mr. Palmer stated.
He added that the Council is encouraging development in the parish, but stressed that there are rules that must be observed, and each business entity must operate within those rules.
“We want to see development take place in the parish, we encourage development, and we welcome it. What we are doing is applying the laws that are laid down to regulate how we operate when doing business, whether it is an expansion of my house or the erection of these cell sites, the laws apply to all of them,” he said.
The Manchester Parish Council, is currently having a number of town meetings in nine of the 15 Parish Council Divisions, where the approved budget is explained, and suggestions are taken as to the way forward.