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The New Fisheries and Licensing System Project, which forms part of the transformation of the fisheries sector, is on track for rollout in 2023.

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Floyd Green, said stakeholder engagement has already begun.

“They know what to expect. The project is a six-year programme, which started in 2018. We want to have, by 2023, this new system fully operational and completely rolled out. So, by next year, we will start in a very robust way our training component,” he said. Minister Green was speaking in a recent JIS ‘Get the Facts’ interview session.

The training component of the programme will be both external and internal.

“It means ensuring that all our staff members can utilise this new web-based online licensing and registration system and then, importantly, rolling out our staff to train our fishers. This so that by the time we have a full rollout, everybody will be up to par,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Minister Green mentioned that the main focus is ensuring that the systems are in place first.

“What we have been doing for the past few years led by the Transformation Unit, was a system audit. We set up a project office, secured a project vehicle, looked at our stakeholders, engaged our stakeholders to see what their needs were; we did a needs assessment and now we are at the part of the project that is really about implementation.” 

Minister Green also said one of the first priorities is ensuring that the necessary technological systems are in place at the National Fisheries Authority (NFA).  “[This was done] so that our fishers will be able to access this service.”

Additionally, one of the things that we saw from our needs assessment is that some of the office spaces that we have really require work, and if we are going to engage our fishers and have them come in and treat with the National Fisheries Authority, we have to upgrade our offices. Therefore, as part of the project we have our office spaces that will be upgraded, and part of what we will be doing is the architectural work for that,” he expressed. 

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