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The Newcombe Valley Primary School, in St. Elizabeth, received a face-lift on Labour Day (May 25), when members of the Police Youth Club in the area came out to support the institution.
“We decided to do this project to get the fence of the school cleared from trees and bush, as this is where we keep our meetings. The entrance to the community and the school was bushed by our members, and it will continue, as the rocks on the playfield need to be removed and replaced with top soil,” President of the Newcombe Valley Police Youth Club, Aslyn Parchment, told JIS News.
Treasurer of the Club, Icilda Bennett, informed that the day’s activity included a clean-up of the road leading to the primary and basic schools, and the nearby Newcombe Valley Methodist Church, by community members.

Members of the Newcombe Valley Police Youth Club, in St. Elizabeth, bushing the compound of the Newcombe Valley Primary School on Labour Day (May 24).

“It was easy to get the members out, because they are willing to make the community look good. We were Best Club for 2008 to 2009, and we will retake that title again,” Mrs. Bennett said.
Principal of the Newcombe Valley Primary School, Stacy-Ann Levy, said the cutting down of the overgrown trees will give the staff a clear view of the area, which was not possible before.
“I am proud that they have chosen the school as their project for this Labour Day. When the children return to school they will be quite happy for the gesture. It was a pretty good job, and we needed it,” Miss Levy said.
For 11-year-old member of the Police Youth Club, Sandy Parchment, the area needed cleaning, and she did her part on the day to show that persons must play a key role in the upkeep of their communities.
“The place was bushy, and wanted to be cleaned. And next time, everyone must come out and clean up the place,” she emphasised.
Meanwhile, Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer, informed JIS News that the Parish Council spent close to $1 million on Labour Day projects in all the Divisions of the parish.
“There are other projects not sponsored by the Councillors, or the Parish Council, that we support. The citizens have also worked on projects that they consider to be important to their communities,” Mr. Palmer said.

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