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The Iona High School in Tower Isle, St. Mary is the latest institution to benefit from free high speed internet under Flow Jamaica’s Building Leaders Through Technology Programme.
The service, which was turned on Friday (May 21), has a transfer speed of 15 megabytes per second, which will enable faster download of information for research and other purposes.
As part of the package, the school received two desktop computers and wireless router, which will allow access to the high speed service from anywhere on campus.
State Minister with Responsibility for Local Government Reform and Member of Parliament for Western St. Mary, Hon. Robert Montague, encouraged the students to make the best use of the service provided.
“What Flow is doing today is impacting upon your education and therefore impacting upon the development of Jamaica because the more you can access information and knowledge, it is the better off Jamaica will be and the better students will become in the future,” he said.
Flow’s Director of Finance, Thomas Chin, informed that Iona High School was the 62nd institution to benefit from Flow’s “blazing speed” internet. “Flow has invested more than $300 million to install fibre optic cable in the 62 schools across Kingston, Portmore, Ocho Rios, Mandeville, Montego Bay and now in St. Mary. This is how strongly we feel about education in Jamaica,” Mr. Chin said.
Head girl at Iona High School, Shanice Jones, said that school was glad for the free service.
“We are grateful for this opportunity and to have Flow giving us the internet service and we will benefit a lot from it especially when we have home work or we have to do any kind of research,” she told JIS News.
Another student, Shawn Harris, said that “the internet is very fast because as you click, it reaches, and that is very good and I am happy that persons will be able to access wireless internet even from my classroom.”
Flow’s Building Leaders Through Technology Programme exposes students, teachers, parents and community groups to digital tools such as the internet and educational programmes in the teaching and learning process.
It also seeks to provide a mentoring and leaders’ forum to motivate students to perform at higher standards.

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