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The new Cornwall Court sewerage disposal system, which has been designed to serve some 1,000 households across North West St. James, has been completed at a cost of $300 million, eight months ahead of schedule.
Minister of Water and Housing and Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, recently led a team from the Ministry on a tour of the facility, which was built by Tank Weld Limited and the National Water Commission (NWC).
Speaking to JIS News during the tour, Dr. Chang said that the project, involving some three miles of pipe lines, was completed not only ahead of time, but within budget and to specification.
“In Jamaica’s context, this level of achievement is almost unique and not only did they complete the work ahead of time and within budget, but the contractors worked through some of the areas that were considered most difficult. Not many people would want to risk working in some of these areas and I have to commend the contractors and workers as well as the residents of these areas for their hard work and co-operation on the project,” Dr. Chang said.
“With the completion of the project, the system has been piped directly into the National Water Commission’s system at Bogue and the relief to the communities has been quite remarkable. It was a serious problem being experienced by the community as the old plant was inadequate and so malfunctioned from time to time. The residents can now breathe fresher, cleaner air and the old Cornwall Court plant will soon be decommissioned and the entire structure demolished and the areas restored as a green space,” the Minister noted.
Vice President of the NWC’s Western Regional Office, Vijay Kumar Vigian, told JIS News that a very successful project has been completed and all concerned must be commended.
“There were significant challenges during the execution of the project . but I am pleased to say that with the co-operation of all involved, including the Councillors, Member of Parliament and the citizens, the project was successfully completed,” he said.

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