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Within minutes of assuming office as the country’s 26th Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin assured Jamaicans that he is committed to making Jamaica a place where peace and security prevails. “My determination is to improve public safety for every citizen and to make Jamaica a place where peace and security prevails,” the Commissioner said, as he addressed members of the media at his Old Hope Road office this morning (Dec. 17).
He said that to accomplish these objectives, there must be change. “Change will not be easy but is essential to move us from where we are, to where we all want to be. every Jamaican has a part to play in this great endeavour,” he stated.
The former Chief of Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force, who was earlier welcomed on the job by National Security Minister, Derrick Smith and other members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), said he is “honoured to give further service to my county in my new capacity as Commissioner of Police.”
He vowed to enhance the level of professionalism within the JCF and to make the force one of the best in the world. “My vision is to make the Jamaica Constabulary Force the best police force in the world. I commit myself to establishing the highest professional standard for the governance of the JCF and to transform the service into a model of integrity,” he pledged.
The Commissioner said he will be holding a press conference on Thursday (Dec. 20) to outline his strategic plans to transform the JCF and tackle crime and violence.
In the meantime, Minister Smith, in his address, expressed confidence that over time, the new Police Commissioner will be able “to tame this tiger called crime,” while acknowledging that all sectors of the society will have to work together in the effort. “It is going to need the Government, it going to need the Opposition, the church, the youths, the elderly, the private sector, the security forces, it is going to need all of us to make the situation work,” he stated.
He further commended the Opposition and members of the JCF for their endorsement of Rear Admiral Lewin’s appointment. “I am most grateful that we have seen that sort of overwhelming support for Rear Admiral coming in this morning. I am happy that the Opposition and the various associations within the Jamaica Constabulary Force have all endorsed Rear Admiral’s appointment because it’s going to need all hands on deck,” he said.
The Security Minister also used the opportunity to warn criminal elements that the police will not relent in bringing them to justice.
He noted that within the last week, the police had taken 25 guns off the streets and apprehended many or a significant amount of the most wanted individuals. “Those who have decided not to give themselves up and who took unto themselves the task of engaging the security force in battle, they have all come out on the wrong end of that situation,” he informed.
Rear Admiral Lewin is the second member of the JDF to be selected as Commissioner of Police following the appointment of Colonel Trevor McMillan in the 1990s.

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