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Education Minister, Andrew Holness, says he will be setting up a Parenting Commission to ensure that parents adhere to best parenting practices, as they are the guardians of the nation’s future. The Minister was speaking last week at an Early Childhood facility operated by the Rural Family Support Organization (RUFAMSO), in Kemps Hill, Clarendon, as part of a familiarization tour to gain hands on knowledge of the Roving Caregivers Programme, which the organization promotes to assist teen and at-risk mothers in the parish.
Outlining how the Commission will function, Mr. Holness said it will seek to guide and develop children as RUFAMSO has been doing for over 20 years. “Education is at the heart of curbing violence in our society and allowing the economy to grow. Too many of us as parents resort to violence when we are disciplining our children, not only physically, but (also) the harsh and negative words we use. And, the Commission will ensure that the kind of parenting taught at RUFAMSO is replicated throughout Jamaica. It will also provide information on education and be a resource for parents,” he informed.
“If we are going to break the vicious cycle of violence where each generation becomes more violent than the other, the effort is not for the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security, it starts with how we parent our children,” the Minister stressed. Mr. Holness said he was pleased with the Roving Caregivers Programme, noting that other countries have adopted the concept, adding that he would be ensuring state resources are used to support RUFAMSO, to promote similar programmes in other parts of the island.

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