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The New Green Primary School in Manchester has won the first round of the Windalco Fourth Annual Safety Quiz Competition.
The competition, which saw eight primary schools in Manchester participating began on November 24 at the Kendal Conference Centre, where New Green Primary came out the winners in the first round.
Coordinator for the New Green team, Ivarine Johnson-Manzalin, told JIS News that her school has remained on top over the fours years of competition because administrators had placed great emphasis on how they select students to participate in the exercise.
“We pick the best motivated students, we put in long hours in our practice sessions, and we not only prepare them during the days when school is in session, but also on weekends. The tokens that we give to our students help in motivating them to do their best. Everything comes down to discipline, and the students listening to us as teachers,” Mrs. Manzalin said.
Meanwhile, Senior Communication Officer at Windalco, Kayon Wallace said the competition is geared at instilling awareness in the communities, and ensuring thatstudents accept that they have a role to play in protecting themselves.
“Safety is one of our highest priorities here at Windalco, and it is something that we promote in terms of safe behaviour and attitudes in the workplace. At Kirkvine, we have the quiz competition, at Ewarton and Port Esquivel we have a poster competition, and all of them are about the promotion of safety,” she said.
Miss Wallace further informed that “apart from the prizes the students will identify a number of safety measures to observe in every day life, discipline and sportsmanship attitude will come from it; and also a vast amount of Knowledge where safety is concerned”.

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