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The National Child Month Committee (NCMC) on November 28 hosted a youth forum under the theme ‘Our Children’s Investment, Tomorrow’s Gain’ in order to allow youths to air their concerns.

Chairperson for Committee, Dr. Pauline Mullings who addressed the forum at the Stella Marris Pastoral Centre in Kingston emphasized that the forum was designed to showcase the youth.

“Youth Forum has been an annual event of the National Child Month Committee for over 15 years…because we recognize the value of our young people and their worth.the forum is designed to showcase our young people to let Jamaica and the world by extension know what our young people have to say and how they feel about the theme we carry every year,” she explained.

According to the NCMC Chairperson at the end of the forum the youths should not only be “filled with knowledge and information but filled with power to move on and to create for us a greater Jamaica, a better environment in which our young people will have the chance to grow and to develop”.

In the meantime, Sherika Williams, silver medallist at the 2008 Olympics charged athletes to work hard towards achieving their goals.

“I would like to take the opportunity this morning to encourage you to have a goal in mind and stay focused on that goal. A goal is something that you work towards; it is not something you dream about and comes to you overnight. It is something that will take maybe years or months to accomplish so you have to work very hard in order to accomplish your goals,” she explained, while noting that she has had to remain very focused in order to achieve her own goals.

The youth forum was sponsored by the National Baking Company Limited while sponsors of the NCMC Committee include Grace Kennedy Limited, Digicel, and Super Clubs among others.

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