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Newly installed Custos of St. Catherine, businesswoman and community builder, Hon. Icylin M. Golding, has been welcomed by several stakeholders.

Minister of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck, said Mrs. Golding was “highly recommended” by leaders in the parish, including Justices of the Peace (JPs), and he is convinced that she will represent the parish well.

“We will work with her, and I am sure that she is going to inspire and stimulate the JPs in St. Catherine, to provide greater service to the people,” Mr. Chuck told JIS News, adding that along with her team, the mediation mechanisms in the Ministry should be utilised to “bring back peace and good order to the parish”.

Meanwhile, Mayor of Spanish Town, Councillor Norman Scott, said her years as a JP has positioned the new Custos to perform the tasks.

“She should be able to perform her duties well.  I commend her, and look forward to working with her,” the Mayor said.

Immediate former Custos of the parish,  Reverend Jeffrey McKenzie, said Mrs. Golding “will make a greater impact on the parish, because of the role she played in the past”.

Another former Custos, Reverend Sophia Azan, pointed out that the new Custos “worked assiduously” in many associations, and “I know that she is a community person, and she deserves this, and I am here to support her”.

Zone Leader for JPs in Central St. Catherine, George Moodie, said the Custos will “undertake her tasks greatly” because she knows the roles of the office, having worked as Secretary to another Custos, and the “parish can only get stronger with such a leader”.

For her part, the new Custos said service will be her priority, because “I carry with me the tradition of service from the families to which I belong”.

She appealed for help for unattached youth, so that they “in turn can assist with community development by giving back”.

Noting that adults who are well trained in parenting skills can “do more” to lift communities, she urged them to come forward and help the parish.

Mrs. Golding pledged that she will represent the parish in such a way that the people are served with dignity and respect.

“In doing so, I would have honoured God,” she said.

The new Custos was installed at a recent ceremony, held at the National Police College of Jamaica in Twickenham Park, in the parish.

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