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Chief of Defence Staff, Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Major General Antony Anderson, says he intends to build a force that is relevant and can respond to the threats facing Jamaica.
Speaking at the Change of Command Parade on Saturday (October 9) at Up Park Camp, he assured the hundreds of Jamaicans, who braved heavy showers to witness the proceedings that the JDF will stay steadfast to its vision, which includes protecting the well-being of its citizens.
“The continued vision for the defence force is for a high quality, efficient, defence force valued by the nation; a defence force capable of carrying out a wide range of operations to protect the nation’s interest and well being of its citizens,” he stated.

New Chief of Defence Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Major General
Antony Anderson (r) salutes retired Chief of Defence Staff, Major General
Stewart Saunders at the Change of Command Parade held on Saturday (Oct. 9)
at Up Park Camp.

Major General Anderson said that under his leadership the force will continue its development process, always conscious of the shifting nature of the environment in which it operates. “We must ensure that the capabilities that we are developing as a force are still relevant and consistent with the threats facing us and what the society requires of us,” he said.
He urged the members of the JDF to continue to be professional while providing quality service to the nation.
“The measure of success in realising this vision will be found in the quality of our response in times of need, the way we conduct ourselves when we interface with the public, the responsibility we take for our actions, and the disciplined approach to all that we do.
“This time in which we find ourselves as military men and women requires great sacrifice; service before self. It requires us to subordinate our personal ambitions and interest to those of the force and the nation, and it places a high demand on our loyalty. We must keep that in the forefront of our minds through our service,” he told them.
Retired Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Stewart Saunders, in his remarks, thanked the JDF, government and private sector for their support throughout his tenure and urged them to similarly cooperate with his predecessor.
“I am confident that with your support and God’s guidance he will do his country and organisation proud,” he stated.
Major General Saunders further urged the members of the JDF not to be influenced by external sources that will destroy the morale of the force, to maintain partnership with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JDF), and provide a supportive role to Jamaican youth, who may have lost their way.
“Give some thought as to how you can create new ways to lend your knowledge, skills and abilities to addressing the waywardness of a lot of our youth today so that they may be transformed into useful productive law abiding citizens,” he suggested.
Major General Anderson is the 10th Chief of Staff of the JDF.

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