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The growth and achievements of Montego Bay since achieving city status on October 8, 1980 were highlighted at a civic ceremony held on Friday (October 8) at the historic Sam Sharpe Square.
Hundreds of residents, including political representatives, attended the function to mark the 30 year anniversary.
Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Charles Sinclair Jr. in speech, cited the various infrastructural improvements and developments in trade, industry, and especially tourism, a sector where Montego Bay enjoys world acclaim.
He pointed out that Montego Bay has grown from a small shipping port to become the leading and primary tourist resort in the Caribbean and also a significant contributor to Jamaica’s economy.
“We now boast the most hotel rooms and the most ultra modern and busiest airport in Jamaica and the English-speaking Caribbean. We will shortly be experiencing the ambience of the Montego Bay Convention Centre, which will no doubt bring a substantial boost to the tourist industry, with its obvious secondary benefits,” he stated.
Mayor Sinclair said there continues to be improvement in the road network, mentioning the new traffic management system, which, he said, has brought about a more orderly flow to the city, while citing investments in information technology, among other areas.
Stating that Montego Bay faces many challenges, including that of crime, he said that the more than 120,000 residents, who are of mixed ethnic and social backgrounds, are able to intermingle and work with steadfast resourcefulness, determination, and an indomitable spirit and desire to improve the city and bring about change.
“I do believe that as proud Montegonians, we can continue to build this city to a higher pedestal,” he stated.
Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding in a message read by Member of Parliament for North West St. James, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, said the city’s contribution to the growth and development of tourism on a national level, is worthy of the highest praise.
He noted however that crime remained “a thorn in the side of the city, which can erase the benefits that have accrued from the significant developments.”
The Prime Minister congratulated the city’s business sector and other stakeholder groups for contributing to the successes that Montego Bay now enjoy, while encouraging them to remain resolute in overcoming the challenges that still prevail.
Custos of St. James, Hon. Ewen Corrodus, in his remarks, lauded the founding fathers “for their hard work and dedication in building and maintaining the city” and charged the residents to make a commitment to play their part in the continued growth and development of Montego Bay.
Montego Bay was accorded city status with the promulgation of the Montego Bay Status of City Act on October 9, 1980.
The occasion was celebrated in Sam Sharpe Square on May 1, 1981, with Local Government Minister, Hon. Pearnel Charles, reading the proclamation.

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