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A new bridge has been constructed in Milk River, South West Clarendon, under the Government’s US$40 million Bridge Replacement Programme.
The new bridge will facilitate the movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, which traverse this major roadway on a daily basis.
Speaking at the opening recently, Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Joseph Hibbert, said the bridge would serve to alleviate some of the problems faced by residents, while allowing for the smooth movement of persons across neighbouring parishes.
“This facility represents a critical linkage in this area, connecting numerous communities, extending as far as South Manchester, and South St. Catherine,” he explained.
He said the bridge represented true craftsmanship, and had been constructed within the US$2.1 million budget allocated for its completion.
Member of Parliament for the area, Noel Arscott, said the bridge is a partial answer to some of the problems faced by the residents, as it would increase their mobility, and strengthen the possibilities for economic growth, as the popular Milk River Bath would become more accessible to outsiders.
“For many, many years the connection between one side of the community and the other was hampered because no heavy duty equipment could pass. We are thankful for the completion of the bridge. Milk River Bath is probably the catalyst for economic development in this area,” he said.
An elderly resident, Nathan Henry, views the construction of the bridge as a positive development for the area. He expressed the hope that other projects would be dealt with in the near future.

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