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Residents of Guava Ground, in Clarendon, are happier, now that electricity has been turned on in their area.
The first set of street lights were turned on in the area, on February 5, under the Rural Electrification Programme (REP), through which 16 households will also be provided with electricity.
“I would like to see a ceremony like this every week in every community that is in need of light,” State Minister in the Ministry of Mining and Telecommunications, Laurence Broderick, said at the ceremony.
He pointed out that there are other communities in Clarendon that are without electricity, and assured that plans are in progress to bring change to those communities.
“We will march on in that respect, to bring light to communities that should have long ago been in the 21st Century,” he said.
Meanwhile, Garfield Williams, a resident, told JIS News that he is happy for the electricity.
“I am very happy for the lights. I have been living here for 36 years now and it is the very first time that I am seeing something like this and I hope that we can see many more happenings like this again,” Mr. Williams said.
James McLean, another resident, said that he has been living in Guava Ground for some 70 years, and the commissioning of the street lights was a major experience for him.
“In all my 70 years in Guava Ground, this is the first time that we have acquired anything,” he told JIS News, and thanked all those who have worked hard in order to bring electricity to the community.
The REP was formed in 1975 by the Government, to bring electricity to all rural communities throughout the island.
Since the beginning of the programme, Clarendon has benefitted tremendously, as approximately 533 kilometres of distribution lines have been built and 7,000 houses wired.

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