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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says that development applications are benefitting from the National Environment and Planning Agency’s Development Assistance Centre (DAC). Mr. Golding noted that last month, of 123 applications, 77 per cent or 95 applications were completed within 90 days.

Mr. Golding, speaking at the launch of the NEPA DAC on March 16 in Kingston, said that the target was to ensure that all applications for developments are resolved within 90 days.

The DAC is a facilitation centre which has been operating over the past year as a pilot project of the government and the private sector. It gives expert advice to developers on preparing their applications. The project reduces blockages and potential areas of corruption.

In his address, Prime Minister Golding paid tribute to the support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, noting that it was a good example of a partnership.

“The second reason why this function is so significant is that it represents a wonderful example not just of public private partnership but public private bilateral partnership,” Mr. Golding said. He made special mention of the Director of USAID, Dr Karen Hilliard and past President of the JCC, Anthony Chang for their contribution to the DACs success.


Issued By: The Office of the Prime Minister

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