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The National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC) has recognised 11 persons, two senior citizens clubs and one service organisation from the parishes of Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth for their outstanding contribution to the Council.
The regional awards ceremony was hosted by the NCSC on Tuesday (Sept. 16) at the St. James Methodist Church Hall in May Pen, under the theme ‘Promoting Quality of Life for an Ageing Society’.
In a tribute to the awardees, Herbert Brown, NCSC Committee representative with special responsibility for Manchester, said that those being recognised “had made much sacrifices for their community”.
“The awardees do not go after how much they can make, but how much they can give. It’s a blessing for them to have helped and we want to congratulate them,” he said.
Four persons from Clarendon were honoured in addition to the Lions Club from the parish, while five persons from Manchester, one person from St. Elizabeth along with the parish’s Lions Club and two Senior Citizens’ Clubs were also recognised.
The list of awardees included Minna Edwards, Wilbert Reader, Ethel Brown, Carlissa Pearson, Cecile Williams, Amy Dehora, Petra Robinson, Dr. Sydney Beaumont, Oswald Gardner, Dawn Poyser, Lions Club President Ewan Scott, the Mountainside and Thornton Senior Citizens’ Clubs.
They received certificates of recognition for their service to the senior citizens movement in the areas of health, education, social security, sanitation, recreation and community service.
NCSC parish organiser for Clarendon, Valerie Osbourne explained to JIS News that her organisation was very happy for the spirit of volunteerism and support given to the movement all across the island, in particular Region Two, which comprises Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth.
She also said that it was important for older persons to recognise that the rich experiences that they had gained throughout their lives were critical to shaping the country.
The regional awards ceremony is part of a series of activities being staged in September to highlight the work of the National Council in Clarendon.

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