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Delford Morgan, Mayor of Savanna-la-mar and Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council, has called for improvements to the parish’s fire department so that it could effectively deal with fires and other emergencies.
This call comes against the background of reports of lack of necessary fire-fighting equipment at the Westmoreland Fire Department, in addition to “limping units and mal-functioning fire hydrants.”
“I am calling on the fire department to acquire funds to do what the law mandates them to do. The Fire Brigade Act makes it very clear that it is the duty of the (Jamaica) Fire Brigade to have serviceable engines and apparatus including hydrants always in a state of readiness, so that in the event of a fire, they can minimize the loss of lives or property”, Mayor Morgan told JIS News.
He noted that the entire business community and residents of Westmoreland were at risk and “the Council was making it a priority to ensure that the parish was a safe place for all persons”.
He indicated that the Parish Council was seeking to revive its ‘adopt-a-hydrant’ campaign, which last year saw several fire hydrants across the parish being rehabilitated. Meanwhile, Homer Morris, Deputy Superintendent of the Westmoreland Fire Department, told JIS News that the Department was aware of the concerns and was seeking to deal with them. He stated however, that the department was limited by lack of funds.
“We are about to deal with the repairing of fire hydrants in the parish of Westmoreland, but for major repairs, like removing valves and replacing hydrants, we are not yet in that position. This would require much more funds than what are presently available, including expertise from the National Water Commission, to effectively accomplish the job”, Supt. Morris noted.
He explained further, that the fire station was equipped with a rapid response unit, which could be put into action if and when an emergency arose.

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