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As part of ongoing efforts to increase awareness among Jamaicans of the importance of productivity, the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) will be hosting its fourth annual National Productivity Awareness Week from November 9 to 12.
The week will be observed under the theme: ‘Transformation for Sustainable Competitive Advantage’.
According to Executive Director of the JPC, Dr. Charles Douglas, this year’s activities will be geared towards increasing public awareness and training on sustainable ways of improving performance among various sectors.
“The training is focused on areas that can have an immediate impact on a company’s bottom line whether you are in the public sector or the private sector. We expect that what you get (from the training) you can go back and either improve your personal productivity or improve the productivity of the unit in which you are working or the entire organisation,” he stated.
This year, organisers will be reaching out to young people through the staging of a poster competition for high school students age 14 to 18 years.
Dr. Douglas pointed out that the inclusion of young persons is part of an attempt to foster awareness of the importance of productivity at an early age.
“The purpose is essentially, to get these persons involved in issues related to productivity. We believe that it’s a good idea to get people attuned to productivity issues at the earliest stage so that, that carries through to adult life. So we want them to participate in conceptualising things associated with productivity,” he noted.
He pointed out that not enough students are aware of how productivity can assist them in their academic work.
“We had a number of visits to schools and one of the things that we notice from talking with students is that they don’t see how productivity actually affects their school work. The average student does not stop to think how productivity affects their success as individuals,” he emphasised.
The highlight of National Productivity Awareness Week will be a three-day productivity improvement seminar/workshop targeting decision-makers and employees in the private and public sectors. This will take place from Tuesday, November 10 to Thursday, November 12, at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston.
On day one of the workshop, participants will be engaged in a leadership session under the theme: ‘Leadership which advances a productive culture’, while activities on day two will focus on tools that organisations can use to improve their productivity levels. The session will be held under the theme: ‘Tools for productivity improvement and economic survival’.
The final day of the workshop will comprise an energy productivity session, which will introduce the Energy Service Company (ESCO) concept.
An ESCO is a professional business providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation, and energy supply, and risk management. The ESCO performs an in-depth analysis of the property, designs an energy efficient solution, installs the required elements, and maintains the system to ensure energy savings. The savings in energy costs is often used to pay back the capital investment of the project over a period of time.
“This concept has been around for a while but has not caught on in Jamaica. We have done some work …and the results are very encouraging on savings in the order of 7 to 8 per cent and that is not in respect of price but kilowatt hours consumed, so that is quite substantial,” Mr. Douglas stated.
Participants in the sessions are expected to be drawn from local and international entities.

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