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The National People’s Cooperative Bank is moving to facilitate increased involvement in the Ministry of Agriculture’s Fruit Tree Crop Project by farmers, and other persons interested in agriculture.
Manager of the bank’s Old Harbour branch, Juliet Taylor, says the institution has a special loan scheme, dedicated to funding the inputs of persons interested in getting into this area.
“We are encouraging persons to go into the fruit tree crop programme. We have a special loan scheme for it, and (the) Bodles (Agricultural Research Station) will give a big grant to farmers who invest in that area of farming,” Miss Taylor told JIS News in an interview, during the recently staged Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show in May Pen, Clarendon.
She described the initiative, which focusses on increasing quality and quantity of various fruit crops, as a good one, which could provide a quick turn-a-round time in investments.
Meanwhile, Miss Taylor disclosed that the bank is moving to facilitate new business with individuals, particularly those interested in agriculture, who queried the institution’s suite of products during the Denbigh Show. She advised that officials of the institution would be following up with individuals who visited their booths.
“We had a number of clients coming in from different strata of life, seeking information on the type of loans that we offer, and the type of security that we accept. A lot of these persons are overseas Jamaicans and they have stated their interest to do farming, as a retirement plan. Their names and contacts have been taken, and we will be talking with them to see how best we can facilitate their needs,” she told JIS News.
Meanwhile, First Vice President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Glendon Harris told JIS News that there were improvements in the management of this year’s show.
“The organisation was improved this year; traffic and gate management improved over previous years. The parishes have bounced back after the devastation caused by Hurricane Dean. They renovated the different booths, and all the parishes looked good, (and) the competition was tight this year,” Mr. Harris stated.