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Some 26 students, from 11 high schools across the island, participated in the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) four-week summer Research and Apprenticeship Programme (RAP), at the institution’s main campus in Mandeville, from July 7 to August 5.
The programme, which is in its fourth year, saw the students participating in activities centered around research work in science, and agriculture, among other areas. The participants also engaged in off-campus research, and benefited from lectures from science and research experts.
The programme was aimed at providing secondary-level students with hands-on training in, and exposure to, research methodologies and practices, as a pre-cursor to their entry into the tertiary education system.
Tamecca Graham, a final year NCU student majoring in education, and female coordinator for this year’s staging of RAP, said the initiative facilitates exposure to university life by students contemplating pursuing tertiary education.
“They are also prepared for research work at the university level, and get to see beyond the theory of learning, where they are required to go out and find information for themselves, and use this information to help others,” Miss Graham explained.
Activities in which the students participated include: reclamation of mined out bauxite lands; utilization of organic fertilizers; analysing at-risk behaviour among teens; construction of a bio-digester; and the production of bio-diesel to power motors.