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Effective Monday, January 4, 2021, Commissioned Land Surveyors will have the opportunity to submit their survey plans digitally for examination. The National Land Agency’s new online platform will allow surveyors, who intend to submit for certification, plans with ten (10) lots or more to submit their plans without having to visit our Office.

The Digital Submission of Survey Plans and Cadastral Maps platform will facilitate greater efficiency and use of resources, as well as to allow the NLA staff to utilize technology to build and strengthen their capacity. The National Land Agency is acutely aware that the world is evolving, therefore we must find ways to use technology to allow our customers to not only save time, but also be able to access our services conveniently”, stated Dr. Glendon G. Newsome, Senior Director of the Surveys and Mapping Division of the National Land Agency.

The Digital Submission of Survey Plans and Cadastral Maps platform will allow surveyors to monitor the status of their submissions; receive notification on the progress of their plans, and make the necessary corrections to the electronic version of their plans. Currently, amendments to survey plans are done on the paper version, which in some instances can be untidy, time consuming and requires specialised pens. Surveyors will no longer have to print the plans until all the corrections have been completed and the plan deemed acceptable for certification by the NLA.

“The benefits of using this service are remarkable for the surveying community. Not only will the platform aid in the build out of a National Digital Cadastral Map (NDCM), but it will also facilitate a higher level of examination of plans, hence a reduction in discrepancies between existing and new survey plans, and ultimately an elimination of dual registration of properties. This new service is a game changer for the local surveying community, and the National Land Agency is pleased to be a part of this watershed moment in our history”, Dr. Newsome added.

The National Land Agency is committed to its continued introduction of new technology to streamline its workflow processes. The Digital Submission of Survey Plans and Cadastral Maps platform will be yet another component of our planned fully integrated digital land administration information system, and is an indication of NLA’s commitment to providing the basic infrastructure on which a modern spatial information management system can be built.

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