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State Minister for Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon, Floyd Green, says the launch of the National Craft Policy will further amplify brand Jamaica in the international space.

“Craft is an industry that can stand on its own and this [policy] signals to the world that Jamaica has a strong and viable industry. The policy will ensure that there is proper marketing of our unique brand and that there are proper mechanisms regarding the growth and stability of the industry,” he noted.

The State Minister, who was speaking at the virtual launch of the policy on Thursday (July 9), said that the document was developed with the input of all the stakeholders.

“This policy took an all-inclusive approach as we listened to craft traders and producers in relation to what they needed, and we took that consultative process seriously,” he noted.

He said that the document provides a framework for the craft industry to grow.

“Craft is important in the Jamaican experience, and for many years there has been a need to facilitate sustainable growth. It ensures that we are incorporating measures that will encourage entrepreneurs to get into craft and that we are infusing new technology in the sector to boost innovation and promotion,” he pointed out.

Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Chief Executive Officer, Valerie Veira, in her remarks, said the policy represents the values of the organisation.

“The document resembles what the JBDC stands for, from concept to market; it is a full, rich value chain that starts with raw materials and the producers. There is a lot of work to be done and today marks the start of an all-inclusive mission to move the industry forward,” she noted.

The National Craft Policy, developed in partnership with the JBDC, aims to streamline the Jamaican craft industry by facilitating improvements in quality, variety, value, sales, customer satisfaction and profits.

It will promote greater local identity of finished craft and souvenirs, innovation, better supply capability, packaging, regulation and production and distribution facilities.

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