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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke has said there was a definite need for the nation to turn to God to lead the way in the fight against crime and violence, and to bless the land with justice, peace and unity.
He also exhorted the people to ask God to heal the country from the scourge of lawlessness plaguing the society and to restore good order, love and respect for each other.
Sir Howard was bringing greetings at the annual National Prayer Vigil, held at the Claude Stuart Park in Port Maria on Sunday, December 11.
He noted that the vigil was held at an opportune time, as it enabled the population to reflect on the power of God, just before celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day (December 25).
The Governor-General reminded the gathering that despite the negative factors affecting the country, Jamaica was still highly respected internationally, and implored patriotic and well thinking citizens to combine their efforts to ensure that wrongdoers bent on destroying the nation were prevented from doing so.
He encouraged the nation to renew the strong membership and relationship it once had with the church and to seek God’s guidance and direction, emphasising that it was of critical importance for the Jamaican population to embrace the philosophy of unity in diversity, and to reclaim the country from criminals and other undesirable elements.
Sir Howard urged the perpetrators of wrong-doing in the society to ask for God’s forgiveness and to reshape their lives and make their contribution to community and national development.
He congratulated members of the St. Mary Ministers Fraternal for organizing and presiding over the vigil.
Also addressing the function was Rev. Dr. Roy Henry, Chairman of the National Prayer Vigil Committee.He said the committee has been working on a number of projects to aid the development of the country and improve the lives of Jamaicans, in its effort to inspire the development of goodwill and a caring attitude on the part of Jamaicans toward each other.
Dr. Henry said the major focus of the committee in this regard was the provision of a renotran machine for the renal unit of the Kingston Public Hospital.
He pointed out that the committee has already collected $300,000 of the $1 million that it would cost to procure the equipment.
Held under the theme: ‘Justice, Unity, Peace and Healing’, the event was also attended by Member of Parliament for Central St. Mary, Dr. Morais Guy, who represented Prime Minister P.J. Patterson; Senator Anthony Johnson, who represented Opposition Leader, Bruce Golding; Custos of St. Mary, Hon. A.A. ‘Bobby’ Pottinger; Mayor of Port Maria, Robert Montague, various church groups and organizations in St. Mary.The function featured selections by the Port Maria Primary School Choir, the Highgate Ensemble, and a combined church choir.
The congregation also observed a minute’s silence in memory of children murdered during the course of this year.

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