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The Manchester Chamber of Commerce has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with operators of public transportation in the parish, to improve discipline in the sector.
At a press briefing, dubbed ‘Ride with Pride’, held at the Mandeville Hotel, on August 25, Vice President of the Chamber, Keith Smith, emphasised that the main objective of the initiative is to weed out those who operate without proper licences and proper insurance; who play inappropriate music in their vehicles, and who engage in inappropriate relationships with female students.
“Every member of the Manchester community will have a critical role to play in this programme. This ‘Ride with Pride’ idea is not an event, rather it is a situation. We want to establish this as a model, and we want to ensure that we work along with it over time,” he said.
The Vice President said that players in the transport industry could influence young people, and hence the need for them to operate at an acceptable level of discipline and decorum. He suggested that good operators be awarded on a monthly or quarterly basis.
“Transport operators are regarded and seen as leaders in their community, and so the young look to them, and if they operate with dignity, they will be good examples for the young to follow,” Mr. Smith said.
“The Manchester Chamber of Commerce has committed itself to deal with the problem. It is hoped that it will work as a model for other sectors,” he added.
Other stakeholders in the programme include the Transport Authority, Jamaica Constabulary Force, Mandeville Ministers Fraternal, and public transport operators in the Southern Region.

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