OAS Mission Says Prompt Return to Democracy Essential in Honduras

The Organization of American States’ (OAS) Mission which visited Honduras, August 24-25, to promote the San Jose Accord as a resolution to the constitutional crisis in that country, has conceded that its efforts lacked the support of the interim administration.
According to a statement issued today by the mediation team, which included Jamaica’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Hon. Dr. Kenneth Baugh, while some progress was made, it was not possible to obtain backing for the Accord.
The team said that although it “clearly expressed” that the San Jose Accord was internationally recognised as the basis for reconciliation, and while most actors expressed agreement with its fundamentals, grave reservations were expressed about various aspects, as well as about current violations of human rights.
“The powers and organs of the State expressed reservations about two points: one relating to the amnesty established in Article 205 point 16 of the Constitution of Honduras; and one which refers to the return to the powers of the State before June 28, 2009, which implies the return of Jos

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