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The St. Thomas Health Department has embarked on a campaign to prevent an outbreak in mosquitoes, which might occur due to the recent flood rains associated with Hurricane Ivan.
Chief Public Health Inspector, Charles Lewis, told JIS News that the department had started to oil and fog natural water bodies in Dalvey and Yallahs to prevent the breeding of the pests. The operation began on Monday, September 27.
He said that fogging would take place during dusk hours, while the oiling of stagnant water would be done during the day. He informed that before the fogging operation began, persons would be given adequate notice so that they could take the necessary precautions to protect their pets. He advised that beehives should be covered with damp crocus bags, noting that even though the chemical was targeting mosquitoes, it could also affect other insects.
The Public Health Inspector has also urged members of the public to inform the department about areas of stagnant water in their communities so that the necessary vector control measures could be taken. “We are hoping to get additional temporary staff to assist with the programme,” he informed.Meanwhile, Mr. Charles told JIS News that health workers had been visiting homes to speak to persons about the importance of proper sanitation and drinking safe water.
“We use the opportunity to speak to householders on a one to one basis as it relates to making water safe and how to properly store drinking water,” he said.
Additionally, the Public Health Inspector said, the department had visited restaurants and major food establishments in the parish shortly after the hurricane to ensure that food safety rules were observed.
“We instructed that food be used up or disposed of in areas where there was no water and electricity or proper means of storage,” he informed, adding that the department would continue to monitor and inspect food establishments as well as give advice and hand out flyers.

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