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The St. Mary Health Department is currently conducting a public education campaign in the parish, to sensitise members of the public about safe ways of using water in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.
Health Educator in the Department, Pauline Steele-Davis told JIS News that the programme was undertaken because of the heightened possibility of contaminated water being used for consumption, as a result of the impact of the hurricane.
She explained that personnel from the St. Mary Health Department would visit schools and other community groups to give talks on the safe ways of using water.
Mrs. Steele-Davis pointed out that several communities have been left without proper and reliable water supply in the aftermath of the hurricane, and the programme aimed to prevent the occurrence of illnesses that could result from the use of contaminated water.
She said that the focus would be on areas, which were still without domestic water supply, and that the campaign would also be conducted through the distribution of pamphlets, posters and other reading material outlining the proper ways in which householders could treat water to make it safe for drinking and other domestic use.
The Health Educator implored residents of the parish to take seriously the campaign’s general message of boiling and treating water used for cooking and drinking.

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