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Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has stated that the government will be placing greater focus on inner city schools to ensure that they are brought to a standard where parents would not be ashamed to send their children and, where no student is allowed to graduate without learning a skill.
She made the comment on Friday (Apr. 21), during separate courtesy calls by students and teachers of the St. Peter Claver Primary School, as well as members of the Haile Selassie High School track and badminton teams, led by their Principal and coaches.
Mrs. Simpson Miller said that the problem was not with the schools or their location, but rather, the attitudes and behaviour of some students which must be corrected. She said this could be achieved by providing opportunities for students to channel their creativity. She said also that work would have to be done at the community level to encourage residents to value and care for the institutions.
The Prime Minister told the students that they should never disregard the importance of education as it was the foundation on which they would achieve social and upward mobility. She urged them to be disciplined and determined to succeed and said that at all times, they should be discerning about their activities and the people with whom they are involved.
She congratulated the athletes from the Haile Selassie High School for their success and for the pride and joy which they had brought to their school. She commended the coaches and said they should continue to work with the students and develop the sports programme to a level where the students can successfully compete against other students from any school across the island.
The Prime Minister also had high praise for the Yellowbird Foundation of Canada, an organization that was instrumental in the refurbishing and renovation of the Greenwich Town Primary School.
The principals of St. Peter Claver Primary and Haile Selassie High School updated the Prime Minister on their achievements in various areas including academics, vocation and training and sports.

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