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The Agricultural Support Services Project (ASSP), a four-year work programme within the Ministry of Agriculture and Land, has invested some $11.9 million with the Springfield Growers’ Association, in Morant Bay, St. Thomas.
“This investment is in the form of irrigation systems and a tractor trailer, for the propulsion of the Springfield Growers’ Association’s productivity,” Project Director of the ASSP, Hershell Brown told JIS News in an interview.
Explaining the objective of the association, which began in 2003, Mr. Brown said its mission “is to establish 150 acres of vegetables for a specified market”. He added that it would go on indefinitely as it was providing a livelihood for the farmers and the returns would keep them motivated to continue with the project.
Currently, 27 farmers are growing crops on 60 acres of land. In addition to the farmers, six persons are employed on each plot. When the 150 acres are established, 40 farmers will be involved and 40 more persons will be employed on the farms.
In addition to the ASSP investment of $11.9 million, the farmers have invested some $7 million.

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