JIS News

Cabinet has approved a new Board of Directors for Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited; new members for the Natural Conservation Authority (NRCA); new members for Board of Examiners under the Electric Lighting Regulations as well a new Quarries Advisory Committee. These entities fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications.
A news release from the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports outlines the details.
. The Jamaica Bauxite Mining Board is as follows:. Mr. Howard Mitchell Chairman. Mr. Coy Roache. Mr. Christopher Williams. Mr. Fitz Carty. Ms. Betty Ann Jones. Mr. John Lee. Mr. Ralph Gordon
For the Natural Resources Conservation Authority the members are:. Mr. Pat Roseau Chairman. Mrs. Diana McCaulay. Mr. Garth Lampart. Mr. Tony Change. Mrs. Joy Douglas. Dr. Ruth Potopsingh. Mr. Christopher Stone. Ms Shirley Williams. Mr. Peter Knight. Mr. James Rawle
The new Board of Examiners under the Electric Lighting Regulations is:. Dr. Audley Darmand Chairman. Dr. Andrei Cooke. Ms. Deidre S. Powell. Dr. Adrian Stokes. Mr. Fitzroy Vidal. Mr. Solomon Burchell. Mr. Duane Rowe
The new Quarries Advisory Committee is:. Mr. Harold Brady Chairman. Mr. Grantley Stephenson. Mr. Tyron Chen. Mr. Coy Roache. Mr. Gary Pusey. Ms. Joy Alexander. Mr. Roger Smith. Mr. Desmond Munroe. Dr. Arthur Geddes. Mr. Glenford Watson