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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding has said that monuments to great men are necessary to inspire future generations. He was speaking at the function to dedicate and unveil the monument to former Prime Minister Hugh Shearer at the National Heroes Park today, May 18.
Constructed and mounted by Incomparable Enterprises, the monument, “Towering High”, is designed by architect Paul Thorborne and was built under his direction. The design was selected from a panel assembled by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) to find a suitable representation of Mr. Shearer’s life and work.
In his address, the Prime Minister recalled the positive legacy that Mr Shearer left behind on the local and international stages. He noted that the monument will arouse the attention and curiosity of the youth, a necessary ingredient to ensure that the legacy of Hugh Shearer was assured.

Prime Minster the Hon. Bruce Golding (2nd r), Governor-General His Excellency the Most Hon. Dr. Patrick Allen (l) and the Most Hon. Mrs. Allen (2nd r) and Professor Denise Eldemire Shearer (l), widow of former Prime Minister the Most Hon. Hugh Shearer, admire the elegant paving and etchings on the monument dedicated to the former statesman and trade union leader, at the National Heroes Park. The monument with statue ‘Towering High’ was dedicated on May 18.

Speaking for those already aware of Mr. Shearer’s work, Mr. Golding said, “We need no monument to remind us of the monumental contributions that he made to so many aspects of our nation’s life and our nation’s development; the way in which he carried the legacy of Bustamante, stamping his own personality on that legacy; the significant role he played in defending the rights of workers and instituting the legislative and institutional framework for protection of those rights; the outstanding leadership he offered in diffusing divisive trade union rivalry and uniting the movement; his stewardship as Minister for responsibility in Foreign Affairs immediately after Independence, and the sterling job he did in making us a small, proud and independent member of the family of nations; the widely acclaimed initiative he mounted in 1963 to have the United Nations declare 1968 as the International Year for Human Rights; the unprecedented period of sustained economic growth during his tenure as Prime Minister; the attention that he brought to the elderly and the extent that he made that a major issue of public policy. His example was a leader who did not have the capacity to hate and could not be bothered with the accumulation of enemies.”
Following the address, Governor-General His Excellency the Most Hon. Dr. Patrick Allen led an official party including the Prime Minister and Mrs Eldemire Shearer for the unveiling ceremony. Floral tributes were then laid by leaders in Government, the Opposition and the diplomatic corps.

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