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Medical Officer of Health for Westmoreland, Dr. Marcia Graham, says that the parish’s Public Health Department will have mobile COVID-19 vaccination teams to facilitate ease of access to the vaccine.

Dr. Graham was addressing the monthly meeting of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation in Savanna-la-Mar, on Thursday (March 11).

“Part of our response is also to have mobile teams, and we have the community health aides and the public health nurses who work at the community level to know the persons in their community, but I want to encourage you Councillors, if you know of persons in your community who are not able to come out to be immunised, then call us,” she said.

“We are working together; this is a collaboration. It’s better we get a name two times than we miss anybody who is vulnerable and needs to get the vaccine,” Dr. Graham added.

She pointed out that the mobile teams will be serving those who are incarcerated, those who are in nursing homes, and those who are in infirmaries.

Dr. Graham also informed that on March 10, the first day of the vaccination process, a combined 170 persons were inoculated at the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Health Centre and the Westmoreland Public Health Department in the parish. Some 94 healthcare workers were among those vaccinated on March 10.

For his part, Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, Councillor Bertel Moore, encouraged residents, especially those persons over 60, to ensure that they get vaccinated.

“I am imploring you all to get the vaccine, it is very important. When your time comes [to get inoculated], do not hesitate,” Mayor Moore emphasised.

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