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The Ministry of Energy and Mining is continuing its capacity building drive with a two-week training course on energy demand assessment, using the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Model for the Analysis of Energy Demand (MAED).
The training course which is being hosted at the PCJ Auditorium in Kingston, runs from May 11 to 22, 2009 and targets professionals in the energy and electric utilities sectors as well as specialised institutions involved in energy sector planning and development.
Its primary objective is to support the development of local capabilities and skills for analysing energy and electricity projections for future energy and electricity needs.
Senior Director of Energy in the Ministry of Energy and Mining, Conroy Watson, said “the IAEA is assisting us in capacity building and they are providing a series of training on energy modelling and planning tools. They have given us others [tools] before, and this [MAED] is just one of them and there is more to come. So, it is a series of activities that they are doing.”
By the end of the course he expects that “persons from the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI), Petrojam and the Ministry of Energy and Mining will be well trained in energy demand forecasting.” The course is organised by the Planning Institute of Jamaica in collaboration with the IAEA and is being administered by Energy Planner/Economist from the IAEA, Ms. Anjana Das; National Energy Information System (SIEN) Professional from the Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE), Mrs. Paola Carrera; and Senior Programme Manager from the International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC), Mr. Vladimir Urezchenko.

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