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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security(MLSS), has joined the Mustard Seed Community and the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD) in providing assistance for 9-year-old Ashley Anderson, who was shot in her head by a stray bullet at her gate in downtown Kingston, last year..
Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Andrew Gallimore, who visited Ashley and her mother, Mrs. Kadian McIntosh, on Wednesday, said that he was touched by the situation and is committed to getting assistance for the family.
Ashley has been in a vegetative state since September last year when she shot in the head. The bullet lodged in her skull and the fragments scattered in her brain.
“This situation has touched me very deeply.She is now disabled and I know that persons in Jamaica with disabilities need help and professional care,” Mr. Gallimore said.
“When I saw what happened, it became obvious that the mother could not manage. I made contact with the Mustard Seed Home, which decided to take the child and care for her, so that the mother can continue with her life in providing for herself and the rest of her family,” he said.
Mr. Gallimore called on Jamaicans to assist the Mustard Seed community, so that they can take proper care of persons under their care.
“I am asking every well thinking Jamaican to assist the Mustard Seed community, and all the other non-governmental organizations that are helping persons with disabilities. They play a role in our society that needs to be played, and there is a void that cannot be filled if they are not given the support. So, I am asking for your support,” he urged.
Representative from the Mustard seed community, Mrs. Darcey Tulloch Williams, asserted that the organization is committed to the process.
“When we saw what had happened to Ashley Anderson, we felt that we had to respond, because the situation was overwhelming. We are available to take care of the child, and provide what would be the best possible care for her, based on her disabilities,” Mrs. Williams said.
Mrs. Williams also outlined that the Mustard Seed Community will be working along with the Child Development Agency (CDA) in preparing Ashley for a brighter future.
“We have to have discussions with the mother, to see where she wants to take this and to ensure that her child will be taken very good care of,” she added.

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