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Twelve new Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses have been damaged in various acts of aggression, mostly stoning, since 50 new units were incorporated into the company’s fleet in mid-February.
Six of the units were damaged by stones in Portmore, St. Catherine, where 12 of the older JUTC buses were also stoned during the period under reference. The stoning took place in the East Mid Street area of Greater Portmore, in Cumberland, Christian Pen, Waterford, Naggo Head, Bridgeport, Southboro, and Westport.
The latest incident took place in Bridgeport Wednesday night, where a bus was stoned in an unprovoked attack, resulting in damage to a main panel of glass which will require hundreds of thousands of dollars to be replaced. There were also minor damages to the body of the unit.
Outside of Portmore, there have been three separate stoning incidents involving new JUTC buses: on Washington Boulevard in the Corporate Area, with two taking place at the Duhaney Park/Cooreville Gardens intersection.
Another new bus was damaged elsewhere in the Corporate Area while fire, believed to have been the work of arsonists, damaged a new unit in the Half-Way Tree Transportation Centre. There have been 16 other stone throwing incidents affecting older buses in Kingston, during the same period.
Another new unit was stoned in the Central Village area of St. Catherine, where two older units have also came under similar attacks, since the introduction of the new buses.
In response to the spate of attacks, the police, based on their own intelligence and that gathered by the JUTC’s security team over recent weeks, will be mounting a number of initiatives to address the situation.
Arrangements are also being made to allow properly identified police personnel to travel on the JUTC buses free of cost, as one of the measures to deter attacks on the buses.

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