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Minister of Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang has said that the Government is serious about identifying and providing adequate and affordable housing solutions for working class, and middle income workers.
He notes that this year the Ministry will be moving to ensure that efforts are made to provide solutions for these categories of workers as there is a shortfall.
Minister Chang made the disclosure while touring sections of Portmore on Wednesday (Jan. 7) with Permanent Secretary, Genefa Hibbert, Mayor of Portmore, Keith Hinds, Member of Parliament for South Central St. Catherine, Sharon Haye-Webster and a team of technocrats from the Ministry and the Housing Agency of Jamaica (formerly National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC) to look at potential and developing housing sites.
“We have to find some housing solutions near the corporate area and obviously in Portmore and in the corporate area we have to look for sites,” he told JIS News.
He said one of the problems being faced is that most of the homes presently being built is in the Old Harbour area, which poses a challenge for many in terms of commute.
“In the case of Portmore Villas 2A and 2B, Palms of Portmore and Westmeade these are areas (in which) the Housing Agency is going to be developing solutions over the next few months, so that this year houses will come to those areas in the category we’re targeting, homes for workers and this is not just for workers as we will be going upscale as well for middle income workers,” he added.
Construction activities have already begun on Phase 2A of the Portmore Villas scheme, while the infrastructure network for Phase 2B is in train.
Mrs. Sharon Haye-Webster noted said she was pleased with the direction the Ministry was taking. “For the issue of settlement overall within the parish I’m happy to hear the about the policy directions we see taking place and we look forward to the resolution of that,” she said.
The party toured Portmore Villas, Palms of Portmore, Westmeade, Spanish Village and Fraser’s Content and Cedar Grove.

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