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The Accompong Maroons in St. Elizabeth were recently encouraged by speakers addressing their 271st anniversary peace treaty celebration, to preserve their victory over the British and use it as a motivation for nation building.
“There are certain defining moments in every nation’s history that helped to create the current atmosphere that everyone enjoy. And that peace treaty which was signed in 1738 represents a fighting spirit of our people to take on the odds at all times. If there was no Captain Cujoe, there would have been no Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Barack Obama or Usain Bolt, so we must celebrate and remind everyone that we can triumph in any situation,” State Minister for Mining and Telecommunications, Lawrence Broderick, said at the function.
In his address, Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer, said the victory of the Maroons over the British is something that should be used as a guide in the fight for good over bad.
“This was no small struggle; a virtual hand full of people stood against the world’s super power and defeated them. This encourages us to day, that whatever evil that we need to defeat we can. Let no one tell a little boy or girl in Accompong that they cannot reach the highest station in life, the ancestors of the Maroons showed that it can happen, and their legacy must be preserved,” Mr. Palmer stated.
Meanwhile, Chief of the Accompong Maroons, Colonel Sydney Peddie, told the gathering that plans to develop the area into an organised tourist attraction is underway, and when completed will generate additional economic activities for the community..
“We are living in a crime-free community, and it is important that this be known to everyone. Also we need a combined effort between teachers and parents to teach our children the legacy of greatness, and that if they want to be great, they can- as our ancestors did,” Colonel Peddie emphasized.

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