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Assistant Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Evadne Vennor, has said that the Ministry is committed to creating the quality environment at the early childhood level to build a solid foundation for the future.
She said that when children get a good start at the basic level, they acquire skills that will enable them to strive at the other tiers of the education system.
“In our quest to have children performing at an optimal level, we have to create the quality environment, fortified with developmentally appropriate resources that are culturally relevant, adequate and meaningful. It is only then that our youngest citizens will be empowered to make the smooth transition to formal schooling,” she stated.
Miss Vennor was speaking at an open day held recently at the Manchester Early Childhood Resource Centre in Mandeville, to showcase the services offered by the facility.
Manager at the institution, Suzette Smith, said that the facility was born out of a need to have a meeting place for basic school teachers in the parish. The centre provides training and workshops for parents and teachers at early childhood institutions.
“Groups of children visit the centre for various types of interaction, story telling, sharing of craft work and educational movies. It offers education and skills training for parents and the train the trainers’ workshop, which is a new thrust at community outreach for parents,” she informed.
The centre was established in 1993 by the Ministry of Education. It is open to teachers and children of early childhood institutions, and parents.

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