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The Ministry of Education, in a release Thursday (August 19), said it was strongly advising school administrators to desist from withholding the examination results of students who have sat the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).
The Ministry said it has received numerous complaints from students and parents, that a number of secondary education institutions are refusing to release the external examinations results, because of the non-payment of auxiliary fees.
“This position taken by the schools’ administrators is not in keeping with the policy of the Ministry of Education. Principals have no authority to deny students access to their external examination results,” the Ministry said.
The release added that students who have sat their examinations by virtue of the fees they paid for those examinations, are not required to pay any additional fees to receive their results.
” The practice of withholding results until students clear outstanding balance is not supported by the Ministry of Education, and principals who use such practices in their schools are in contravention of the policies of the Ministry of Education,” the Ministry said.
“We encourage parents and students to contribute as much as they can to their schools, as education is a partnership. However, there is no legal basis on which principals can withhold results of students who are in arrears for non-obligatory auxiliary fees. The Ministry encourages principals to follow closely the policy guidelines set by the Ministry,” the Ministry stated.

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