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The Public Administration and Appropriations Committee of Parliament (PAAC) has invited written submissions from members of the public concerning the “Public Sector Master Rationalisation Plan – Recommendations for the Restructuring of Ministries, Departments and Agencies”, currently being reviewed by the Committee.
Individuals or organisations may express their views on the document, in writing: by email to clerk@japarliament.gov.jm or by hand to Clerk to the Houses of Parliament, Gordon House, 81 Duke Street, Kingston.
The text of the “Public Sector Master Rationalisation Plan” may be accessed online at www.japarliament.gov.jm under “Green Papers” in the Publications menu. It is designated Green Paper No. 1/2010 and appears in four parts.
Members of the public must make their submissions before August 27, and be prepared to appear before the Committee at one (1) day’s notice.

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