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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw, says that many of the issues pressing Jamaica today are not economic, and has challenged the Church to lead a moral crusade involving the various spheres of the society.
“Many of the problems that we have to solve are not necessarily economic; many of them begin in the hearts and minds of our people. We must have the will to get out of the rut, the decline of standards among our young people,” the Minister said.
He was addressing the 170th Anniversary Thanksgiving/Homecoming Service of the Mount Olivet United Church, Walderston, Manchester, on Sunday (October 3).
While commending the church for the establishment of a primary school and a boy’s home, which have contributed to the social and educational development of the area, Mr. Shaw challenged the Church to follow its early pioneers in showing the youth better paths to tread.
“Do what the early Missionaries did; go back into the community and be missionaries among the young men, who need to step up and understand their responsibilities and that the revival that we need includes a commitment to family, and the rearing of children in a family unit: Those are the kinds of restoration that we need in Jamaica,” he argued.
Chairman of the Port Authority of Jamaica and former resident, Hon. Noel Hylton, recalled that the church has played a crucial role in transforming the community and developing its educational institutions. He added that the church remains a fortress of stability, serving the best interest of the people.
“The time that we spent at Mount Olivet was as important as the environment in our homes and critical to our overall development, and there is no question as to the profound impact it has had in our lives,” Mr. Hylton stated.

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