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Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of National Security, Hon. Matthew Samuda, says the work of the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) Regional Office in Montego Bay, St. James, has led to better regulatory and monitoring of the space in Western Jamaica.

Mr. Samuda on Thursday (May 6), toured the regional office, which was officially opened in October last year.

He told journalists that the regulatory agency has been steadily creating “buoyance” in the West as well as ensuring that minimum performance standards are being practised by private security companies across the board.

“Our job as PSRA is to bring them (private security companies) in and to ensure that they function, because it’s about standardisation and ensuring that the industry itself is buoyant and healthy,” said Mr. Samuda.

“When people see security guards they can be assured of a particular minimum standard of delivery,” he added.

Mr. Samuda indicated that COVID-19 created a fallout in employment in the industry over the past year, but a rebound is currently in play and it is happening faster than anticipated.

He said this recovery demonstrates the importance of the private security industry, noting that it is a critical pillar of national and economic stability that contributes to the safety of Jamaicans.

“We look at Western Jamaica as a part of that V-shaped economic recovery and with that economic recovery, you are going to have a greater need for the regulatory side of the industry to be even stronger in Western Jamaica,” Mr. Samuda explained.

“As your hotels reopen, as you have new hotels being built, as you have general expansion in commerce, not just with the recovery to the 2019 levels but beyond, you are going to need a stronger security environment, and PSRA is a critical part of that,” he added.

In the meantime, Mr. Samuda commended the team at the PSRA Regional Office in Montego Bay. He said his Ministry will provide all the necessary resources to ensure the entity’s continued effectiveness in Western Jamaica.

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