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Residents of Kensington, Portland, participated in a day of cultural activities in the community, sponsored by the Manchioneal Circuit of Methodist Churches, on Saturday (June 27).
The event, which was held on the grounds of the Kensington Methodist Church, featured dances and other performances by cultural groups, various health tests by the Portland Health Department and talks by the police, the Portland Co-operative Credit Union, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).
It also featured the preparation of traditional dishes, including jerked pork, curried goat, roasted salt and fresh fish, roasted yam, bammy and roasted breadfruit, all of which were on sale during the event.
The day’s activities also included an entertainment package for children, which included merry-go-round and donkey riding.
Speaking to JIS News during the function, co-ordinator of the event, Claudia Williams, said the main purpose for its staging, was to encourage the young people of the community to become engaged in productive activities, and ignore the temptation to get involved in wrongdoings.
She said the church is mindful of the enormous pressure on young people to become involved in dangerous and counter-productive activities, which are very often detrimental to themselves and their communities.
She said that the church is willing to partner with other organisations that want to make an effort to sensitise young people to the importance of developing their lives along the correct path. She added that her organisation was planning to make the event an annual affair, and she was confident that the community will provide the support to make it work.
Also speaking to the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), were a number of residents of the Kensington community, who expressed appreciation for the effort by the Manchioneal Circuit of Methodist Churches in staging the event, and pledged their commitment to supporting the organisation in its mission in the community.

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